Yes! You can have multiple pairs of eyeglasses!

Funky and smart eyeglasses are a trend now more than ever. Bold, beautifully shaped frames have become such a major fashion accessory MUST have that people wear them even without a prescription, and now you can have MULTIPLE PAIRS for the price of one!

Years ago when I worked for a large corporation, it was suggested that we try to sell multiple pairs of eyeglasses. I remember thinking “What??! No one is going to buy more than one pair of glasses!!! People only need one pair and they will just think I’m being pushy.”

The year was 2000, and eyeglass styles were BORING! The frames were all the same, typically rectangle-metal, with a new trend towards rectangle-plastic that didn’t seem very exciting in itself. Even though I would read in industry magazines about how new exciting styles were coming, I needed to see it to believe it. Funky frames at that time seemed very geometric and neon, something only very few people would actually wear so I still wasn’t overly impressed. Also around that time, the minimal (rimless) look was gaining popularity, and the right shape was very understated yet chic. Still, a rimless frame back then was only so exciting.

Fast forward 15 years (at least it feels like we’ve been on fast-forward!) and it’s sure different now: frame styles have gotten so funky and fun! They can completely change your look! And there is a distinct retro flare on some really smart shapes today that truly look better than ever! Not to mention, eyeglasses are an accessory we wear on our face. How many pairs of shoes do you have? And how many people do you think actually notice your shoes??!

Fashion aside, many of us have a sincere need for more than one pair of glasses. In addition to our regular pair(s) we often need safety glasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses. (***Many people entering their 40’s are needing to see their computer screens properly and read small print, and they have discovered obvious limitations with progressive lenses but may be unaware of the extreme benefits and affordability of a pair computer glasses.) And what happens when you break or lose your glasses? There you are, stuck with a taped-up or a twisted up, paperclip holding your $600+ frame and lenses together! I’ve seen some of the most creative temporary repairs people have brought in and they genuinely deserve an applause.

It wasn’t until I was in this industry for a few years and I started to acquire more than one pair of glasses myself (definitely a perk of working in this profession) that I started to appreciate the ability of having a few different ‘looks’. But opticians were the only people I knew of who could afford this luxury, which brings us to the only reason most people don’t have more than one pair: PRICE! Almost everyone has felt the crunch when it’s time to buy a pair (just one pair!) of eyeglasses. My hands were obviously tied when it came to how much of a discount I was able to provide at various optical stores I have worked at throughout the years, but I always wanted to offer more! I saw how hard it was for people to decide between 2 or 3 different frames because they all looked fantastic and often very different from one other, and I wished I could help them have 2 or 3 pairs for the price of one! Who wouldn’t want that??

At Eye GO this is precisely where we step up. We have sourced out the absolute best quality frames and lenses around for unbelievable prices, and we pass on the savings on directly to our customers! Complete pairs starting at just $59 and include a minimum 1 year warranty. We are also getting loads of new styles in for the fall/winter, so come on in and check us out! We are located upstairs at The Forks Market, in the corner balcony right across from Sydney’s. Please follow our calendar to see when we are back until we are located there full-time. We will also visit work places and care homes so please contact us with any questions or to book a visit! We hope to see you soon! 🙂