I am grateful and feel very blessed to be in a position where someone believed in me and my dream, to help me take my business idea and make it a reality. I am literally days away from launching and am incredibly excited to help fill an important niche.  I believe that even in spite of this saturated market there is a real need here,  because there is such a polarization in the optical world right now. At one end of the spectrum there is the elite optical store which runs with high overhead (meaning they have a lot to pay for and thereby need to charge more), but they typically also bring in the best quality frames and lenses, hands down. Then there are the other stores (which may be small or big box) and you might get anything from a good deal to being robbed for two pairs of junk with no warranty and having paid $800! (Like some well-known larger chains I won’t mention). In that case you might as well buy your glasses off of the internet because at least you get what you pay for!

Which brings me to the other extreme — internet glasses!! People want a deal and how can you blame them? But with a great deal comes a price, and in this case it could cost you your eyesight! (OK, just kidding..) But seriously, how fun is it to only be able look at glasses on a computer screen? The best part about shopping is being able to actually on a bunch of pairs before you buy them! And after you get them who is going to look after your internet glasses? (Not to mention who will make sure the prescription is accurate when you are having headaches, but who will adjust them when your ears and nose hurt, and fix them when they break?) That’s right, opticians like myself. I have to say I have seen some of the cheapest glasses come in for repair. Glasses that look like they are from the dollar store, with thread sizes I simply don’t have screws for. Like,  do I need wood screws??  I remember asking fellow co-workers “What ARE these”??!

I have to be honest and say that if I wasn’t already an optician I can definitely see myself learning how to take a PD (a measurement that typically requires a pupilometer to take an accurate measurement to the tenth of a millimeter but can also be taken somewhat half-haphazardly with a ruler and a marker.)  I wear glasses and I don’t like to pay the full price for them either!  However thankfully I am one, and I am grateful to have the experience I do!

As for internet glasses, they are certainly a growing phenomenon and good for Zenni or Clearly Contacts or whomever,  to take your hard-earned dollars for very little effort – but I personally wouldn’t take a chance with my LOOKS never mind my eyesight. Internet shopping for prescription eyeglasses is a bargain and you might even get ‘lucky’,  but typically you get what you pay for.

At Eye GO, we are determined to give the public what they want! Multiple pairs of prescription eyeglasses without having to pay the typical amount for it. You can be a diva without the price tag! Eyeglasses are an important accessory,  but they are also mass-made using various bits of metal and plastic. It’s a little silly to spend too much in my opinion.