“Internet glasses” is a previous blog post, and recently I have a LOT MORE to say about the topic.

If you have gotten “lucky” by ordering your eyeglasses online (meaning you can actually wear them on your face and see through the lenses); good for you! Unfortunately, luck has a LOT to do with it.

We take a huge risk when we can’t even try on our glasses first, and can’t hold them in our hands to feel every little creak. Plus, how do you actually measure your eyes? Taking the individual distances between them to a fraction of a millimeter can obviously be difficult, but how do you specify your optical center’s height? Especially in a deeper frame and/or with a stronger prescription, you need to know exactly where your pupils will sit in that frame. And guessing at a bi-focal/progressive or single vision optical center height without actually having the glasses present (to see where they rest at your most common posture) is basically impossible. I would personally never order a patient a pair of glasses and waste their time guessing at the measurements! Licensed opticians still make mistakes at taking pupil heights when the patient is present, so I am not exactly sure how a lay person is supposed to guess over a computer screen.

In addition to these challenges, virtually every lab returns a small percentage of eyeglasses back to the optical dispensary when they should not. Glasses where the prescription/measurements/axis are slightly (and sometimes not so slightly) out of ‘tolerance’ but somehow they slip through the final check. This is why a reputable lab will check these jobs many times throughout the edging process, by a different set of eyes, and your trusted optician must do a final check when the glasses arrive at their office. If they must be returned at least we could spare our customers the hassle/irritation/possible eye strain/delay of wearing a wrong RX!

So who checks out your internet glasses? Who even makes them??

Personally I know of many people who have had a negative experience online, and not only are the glasses a hassle to return (if they can even be returned at all), but now they are out money, plus wasted time, and still in need of a new pair of glasses.

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