Everyone loves a make-over.  Some can be life-changing.  Most of the time this brings to mind a new hairstyle,  stylish new clothes that fit perfectly,  and especially the right make-up.  But have you ever considered your eye wear?

Do your prescription eyeglasses give you an INSTANT MAKEOVER??

Today’s frames are an important accessory and may completely change your look: they can even take years off your face! With our pricing, you can afford an instant makeover in every color, for every occasion.

When I began in this industry, the year was 1999 and metal rectangle shaped frames were the most popular. Plastic frames were a returning trend in the same rectangular shapes.  In other words, I thought it was boring. I hate to say it but I honestly used to think “I just sell glasses all day… how boring”. I even left the industry to sell cars briefly in my twenties because I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. (Not something I would recommend by the way!) Anyhow, fast-forward to nowadays, and I think it is obvious that there has been such a tremendous change with the new styles that have come onto the market, everyone wants a pair of glasses to wear — even people who don’t need them!

The right pair of glasses will dramatically change your look. I have seen some women kick their old round gold frames to the curb for good and actually give their face some color and contrast: it can be very dramatic! Like wiping 15 years off your face! So as an important and fun part of my website I am taking before/after pictures of every single pair I sell (whomever will let me!) Very soon on this website we will add a Before/After headline and I envision it PACKED full of beautiful mini-makeovers. Cheers!